The home projects continue! I have been wanting to refresh this tiny area for awhile but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I decided to just go for it over the weekend and I love how it turned out. The best part? I spent all of $13 on a quart of paint at Home Depot. Years ago I painted the wall black, which I loved, but as I learned more about interiors and styling (I mean, not officially. I don’t claim to know what I’m doing, it’s just something I enjoy) I realized that since this area is so small, the darkness of the wall wasn’t doing it any favors. Also, when I took these photos I noticed the chips and many nail holes from past artwork that I never bothered to fill, umm whoops. As I imagine most front door entries are, there were always a mess of keys, shoes, dog stuff and whatever other junk (and currently a pile of masks on the shelves). It’s kind of amazing what a little paint, cleaning / tidying can do! I didn’t really want to spend money on this so since I have been rearranging other parts of the house I just used what I had and did a little extra styling for these photos because honestly I just miss my heels! I kept the hanging pendant light from Ikea, it’s simple and we don’t really use the light that much. I thrifted the bench years ago and decided not to paint because it has this cool gold eagle design on the top. I also thrifted the fern artwork and have always loved it! I kept the basket where it was, it has all of the pups stuff in it. Target baskets are the best and I have them all over. The embroidery flower basket is actually a planter from Urban Outfitters but I have all of my reusable bags in it so I’m reminded to grab them when I head out. In the photos below, the spoonbill print is available in my shop and the planter and rattan hook are from Anthropologie.

Hope you enjoyed my little project and that it offered some inspiration. Starting small and doing a little bit here and there can be really refreshing. Hang in there, friends!