I’m backkkk! I can’t believe I’ve barely blogged all summer. I really love writing posts and I get a little sad when I can’t find the time to do it but life has been quite hectic lately. I feel like this year I’ve been in a constant mode of ‘catch up’ after taking off so much time January & February to wedding and honeymoon. That with the hustle and bustle of getting ready for a trade show (after taking a little over a year off from shows) has left me running around like crazy. We just got back from New York for the National Stationery Show. I always loveee going to trade shows. While it’s so crazy with traveling, setting up and mingling for four straight days…I love the energy and always feel inspired when I come home. Connecting with some of our buyers and stationery peers is the best! Here are some photos of our booth set up and a little bit of exploring in between 🙂

Loving our fall/winter catalog + my glitter nails 🙂

Some behind the scenes of getting set up. Hunter built the walls, he always put the booth together for me. Then this year we decided to give them a fresh coat of white paint since we’ve used them for 4 shows now! We had to make a supply run and I thought this was a pretty fancy looking Home Depot so I made him pose, ha.

So. Many. Cards… We usually use shelves to display our cards but when we got there I was unexpectedly in a corner booth (which means I didn’t have a third wall that I’m used to having). We had to improvise and get all of the cards on our main wall. I usually like to separate holiday so it doesn’t look as crowded. There is so much winging it involved! An important thing I remember from taking proof to product is that no one else knows how your booth was supposed to look. It’s nice to keep that in the back of my mind when improvising and working with what you have.

Javitz craziness! This place is beyond huge. No photo could ever do justice, ha.

I love staying in the flower district of Chelsea. I unknowingly booked a hotel here last year and was so excited to wake up to blooms covering the sidewalk. We had a good experience at the Marriott here and decided to book it again. There is a lot of walkable coffee shops and restaurants in the area.

We love Amorino flower petal ice cream in Times Square (the gelato is vegan!)

Blooms everywhere!

Chelsea Market is always a must. I love the variety of food options and the shopping. I tried this vegan tahini ice cream from seed + mill. Highly recommend.

I did a Q&A on instagram about our trade show experiences and added them to the NYC/NSS highlight on my profile. I think I will create a post out of it here as well so drop me a line in the comment section if you have any questions about wholesale or shows!