It’s hard to believe we are going on two months of this crazy time. I hope you all are hanging in there. Today I thought I would share a little round up of photos I’ve taken around the house this month and some ways I have been coping with things. First I want to say, I totally agree with some of the posts I have seen on social media about productivity during this time. I wholeheartedly believe that we each need to do what is best for our well being and that it’s going to look completely different for everyone. Mental health is unique for each of us who struggle with it. I do not think there is anything wrong with doing nothing and trying to relax. We all need those days sometimes. I realize that I may be one who posts a lot of the things I’m “accomplishing” on instagram, but I have surely had many days where I feel completely lost and not sure where to start. I know that I don’t have to always be productive but I naturally am a busybody and have found that keeping a (flexible) ‘to do’ list has really helped me stay on somewhat of a normal routine while my business is not as bustling as usual. I shared this quote today, “All good things are wild and free…” and that has never felt more true than now. This has made me slow down in a way that has made me much more grateful for my home and the quiet / “wild and free” things that are all around me. Rearranging my house makes me feel rejuvenated, I haven’t made any home purchases other than a few things for organizing drawers and such. I have just been working with what I have, moving things from room to room so each little corner feels refreshed. I have found joy in cooking, baking and trying new recipes and sharing the things I make with my family. I love my garden and my plants and I have had time that I don’t normally have to be outside, repotting things and rearranging the plants around our pergola. If you have been following for awhile and on IG then you certainly know my love of plants and animals is no secret, ha…there is nothing I love more than my sweet fur babies…to spend more time with them, watch them play around the house, take long walks with Blade, opening the windows for the kitties so they can watch our active backyard wildlife, cuddling them and taking photos of them just because. All entertaining, so sweet and comforting during this time at home. I have kept my nice Canon camera and lens out so that I can photograph all of these things as I’m doing them. Then at night while we watch TV I look through and edit my photos from the day on lightroom. It’s just been fun and calming for me to continue to create in a way not necessarily related to my business. All the while, I have been doing what I can to work on my illustrations and keep my Etsy shop going, brainstorming for the future and working on more blog and social media content. I try not to force work out of myself when I’m not having a good day, but rather sit down with my paint brush when I really feel truly inspired about painting something new. I highly recommend painting, drawing or crafting. It doesn’t matter if you are good at it or not, I believe that creating is just good for the soul.

Scroll on through for some of the aforementioned activities we’ve been doing…

Stay inspired and stay well. XO

The afternoon light on my gallery wall, I recently framed our wedding invitation and moved a few of the pictures around.

These guys have always loved a good lazy day 🙂

Our backyard is truly our happy place!

I gave our built-in’s a much needed fresher. These are always fun for me to move things around on.

Stopping to smell (& photograph) the flowers with Blade

My husband brought last years orchids back to life and they are blooming so beautifully.

One of the highlights of this month is that a little finch decided to build her nest in our of our planters that hangs on the outside of her house. The kitties and I have loved watching her hard at work. I spy on her on our Ring doorbell camera so that I don’t disturb them and the girls sit in the window quietly watching. She sings and brings her babies food all day long, hearing their teeny tiny chirps make us happy.

Of course I couldn’t resist getting a cute Easter photo of Blade.
My little sisters birthday fell on Easter this year so we had a little family BBQ outside and it was so nice to get out and see them.

As you can see, Blade supplies the comic relief around here.