The last leg of our honeymoon adventures included four glorious nights in beautiful Denmark.  Oh how we loved strolling the rainy streets of Copenhagen, stopping for Danish coffees and enjoying the best meals in Copenhagen’s up and coming hip food scene.  I cannot say enough good things about our time here. 

Day 1 : We flew in from Finland which was only about 3 hours of travel and reached Copenhagen at 8pm.  We checked into our hotel, Guldsmeden (@guldsmedenhotels) and were greeted by the nicest concierge who directed us to a quaint French restaurant around the corner from our hotel called Les Trois Cochons.  We took it easy and enjoyed wine in the cozy hotel common area.  The decor is Bali / bohemian inspired and I just loved every inch of it.  Complete with an outdoor meeting room greenhouse and two airstreams.  I truly loved the hotel experience. Guldsmeden is a small Danish boutique / sustainable hotel chain. It was so nice and cozy for a great price and right in the middle of so many good restaurants and shops.  It was easy to catch a cab out front and also a short walking distance to Tivoli Gardens.

Day 2 : We started the day with breakfast at Acacia (@acacia_kbh), a place I scouted on IG before our trip.  The waffles were ridiculous and the decor was beautiful!  Next we took off for Nyhavn canal.  It was a bit rainy but we stumbled upon the coolest shopping area.  We went into Magasin Du Nord, a department store with a killer supermarket on the lower level.  We stocked up on teas and instant coffees and wished we could take everything else home with us, lol.  We took a break from the rain at our hotel and checked out Halifax Burger (@halifaxburger). They have city inspired burgers and vegetarian options, so good! They were also on a list of sustainable restaurants given to us by the hotel.  That night we went to Tivoli Gardens which was super fun and a Copenhagen must! It was still rainy so it wasn’t crowded, nice to not have to wait in line for the rides.  For dinner that night we went to Spuntino which was a favorite of the whole trip.  Insane appetizer spread and amazing pizza!

Day 3: We started the morning at Bowl Market (@bowlmarketcph), açaí + porridge bowl spot (owned by an American who we chatted with for awhile).  It’s a quick order at the counter type of place, small and cozy still.  I feel like I don’t need to keep saying the food was excellent, etc…literally everywhere we went the food was amazing and the decor and cozy factor was off the charts, this is what the Danish are best known for after all! It was another rainy day but we had acquired umbrellas at this point. We walked the streets of jesper brochmands jadd, a really cute shopping area with lots of boutiques and popular coffee shops. Here is where you could find Danish handmade items and art.  We stopped for vegan hot chocolate at chocolat (as the name insinuates it’s all gourmet chocolates).  If you walk to the end of the shopping streets you will come to Assistens Cemetery, where Hans Christian Andersen is buried.  The rain and grey skies gave it such a beautifully eerie vibe.  We took our mid-day break at coffee collective, which seems to be very popular and came as the most recommended coffee from the locals we talked to.  For dinner, we walked to the Meatpacking district and tried Warpigs. This was Hunters favorite meal of the trip, it was a crazy Bar-b-q place.  It is huge inside with communal picnic tables, order at the window with a ton of great beers on tap.  Not much that was vegetarian friendly but the experience was really fun.  The Meatpacking area has a TON of restaurant options. 

Day 4: We had breakfast at Hyggestund, which I pretty much waited the whole trip for, haha! After discovering them on instagram during our initial planning, I knew we had to check it out. Waffles and the place is completely PINK inside. I died. Cozy factor times a million, we could’ve eaten here everyday.  We took a taxi back to Nyhavn and decided to do a canal tour.  I am nervous when it comes to boats but this was slow, steady and great.  Lots of fun facts as you pass interesting buildings, the palace and you also can see the famous Little Mermaid statue from the water. After our tour we walked to the National Museum of Denmark, a wealth of Danish history and culture. So, so fun to read about the history. The have a great gift shop where we got a couple books.  There were a few clothing boutiques near there plus a good amount of designers stores, H&M, etc. Hunter parked it at a bar while I did some shopping. That night we went to a local fish market by the hotel.  We had to wake up at 4am for our flight back home and I was nowhere near ready to go! 

We kept saying we can’t even imagine how beautiful Denmark must be in Spring and Summer, considering we LOVED it even though it was cold and rained everyday.  We didn’t mind the cold or rain one bit, after getting umbrellas we were good to go. Plus we had just been in -20 in Finland so 30’s and 40’s didn’t feel so bad after that, ha. Copenhagen is one of the most biked cities in the world, I mean the amount of bikers was crazy! That’s really the only thing we missed out on due to the rain (you totally could still bike in the rain though, if you’re braver than me! The bikes lanes were just soooo busy it scared me!) I felt like there was design inspiration at every corner.  We didn’t have one bad meal or experience. Everyone was so nice and accommodating.  We learned a lot from talking to locals and the coffee shops and restaurants we went to.  I cannot wait to go back again soon! 

Hope you enjoy reliving these moments with me this week, now to let the photos do the talking… 

Write in the comments if you have any questions about traveling to Copenhagen and I will try to respond / post them on IG



(above – greenhouse room at the hotel, below- Bali boho inspired decor in the common area)

(I loved the emphasis on recycling and sustainability at the hotel. They have these cute newspapers with a bunch of information on them and a map of sustainable establishments around CPH)

(above + below – Breakfast at Acacia)

(Tivoli Gardens)

(Breakfast at Bowl Market)


(Halifax Burgers)

(Chocolat for Vegan Hot Chocolate!)

(Above + Below – dinner at Spuntino)

(Breakfast at Hyggestund)

(Most of these are from walking Nyhavn + also taking a canal tour)

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