Happy New Year! I wanted to share some of our recent engagement photos at home as we enter into a very exciting time in life.  Our wedding is just around the corner, 19 days and counting! 

This year was a mixed bag of feelings.  I found myself doing way less of what I love most, the very reason I ‘went into business’. Using my hands to create, the actual act of painting and creating. With growth of a small business and the way you end up wearing all the hats, it’s easy to lose sight of your true passion.  I never set out to be a marketing director, a social media manager, an accountant, a customer service rep, or really even a business owner at all! I am a painter and an artistic free spirit to my core. The business side has never come as naturally to me, it has been many years of learning and trial and error. I have always had a strong drive for success though, to do more and to serve as many clients as possible.  But this year I felt myself sinking and barely able to catch a breath as I desperately tried to keep up with all of my many commitments.  Add the stress of planning a fairly large wedding and loss of key family members. I have been just surviving, not thriving.  I stopped looking at the bigger picture and only worried about keeping up from day to day.  It’s so hard to prioritize and find balance sometimes.  This year, our marriage changes things.  It’s not just about me anymore but a future with a person I love and the life we will build together.  I want to feel more present in the moments I share with Hunter, family and friends and I want to use my time more intentionally.  I want to carve out days where I can create just for fun, without the pressure of deadlines because that is when I feel the happiest and most fulfilled with my work.  I want to get better at saying ‘no’. I have never been one for resolutions but rather setting attainable accomplishments for each year and evaluating short term and long term goals as the business grows and changes each year.  I want to just generally feel like I am being a better person, friend, listener to those around me and I realize I can only do that when I myself am feeling happy, healthy and fulfilled by my career. 

What do you think about resolutions? I definitely prefer a word or words to live by, something that is a work in progress not just for the year but for many. That being said I am choosing – 

I N T E N T I O N + P U R P O S E + J O Y 

I hope your New Year is off to a great start.  Wish us luck (& good Florida weather) as we round out our 8 months of wedding planning for the big day on January 20th! I can hardly believe it’s here.  It will likely be quiet around here this month but I will be SOOOO looking forward to sharing some end of the year projects from 2018, the things I created for our wedding, our photos, and our HONEYMOON!  Big, wonderful adventures to come.

The shop will be taking a break towards the end of the month but we will still be shipping for the next two weeks and booking custom wedding clients for spring and summer! 

Cheers to this being the best year yet! 

xoxo, SK

Outfit 1 – Dress: Fillyboo via Free People // Earrings: Anthropologie // Shoes: Raye via Revolve // Him: H&M  @ Our Bungalow

Outfit 2 – Dress: Anthropologie // Earrings: Anthropologie // Sunglasses: Fendi // Him: J.Crew & H&M @ Beer Can Island on Longboat Key, FL

Photography by Josh + Rachel

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