It’s been a few weeks since returning home from our honeymoon and I’m finally feeling ‘normal’ again & caught up on work after all of our wedding festivities and traveling.  It has been a whirlwind to say the least! I’ve been dying to put some posts together but I had so. many. photos. to go through. 

We kicked off our Scandinavian adventure with a short stop over in Oslo.  I booked all one way flights through Norwegian and ended up saving a little (somehow?).  It worked out to be cheaper to fly through Oslo than straight to Finland (where we originally planned our trip around) so we were like why not!? And oh how I wish we could have had more time here, but we packed our day and a half full and had so much fun.  It consistently snowed pretty, fluffy flurries the entire time and stayed around 25-30 degrees (celsius).  Having lived my entire life in Florida, snow makes me incredibly happy. 

We got in at about 5pm on our first night and went to Mamma Pizza , we both agreed it was one of the best pizza’s we’ve ever had and it was a really cute little spot.  The next day we took the bus (about 20 minutes & a beautiful ride) to the Viking Ship Museum which was Hunter’s main priority for the day 🙂  It was a small museum with mostly just ships and a few artifacts, something you could do in an hour or under.  Next door to this is the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History. It is partially open air with cabins, an old church (the black building in my photos) and then indoors is filled with beautiful folk art. It was really fun to explore in the snow and read about Norse culture.  That night we went to Cielito for tacos.  Everything was walking distance from our hotel, Citybox  which was so nice for our short stay.  There were many great shops, restaurants and cafes around the area. The morning that we were heading out we visited Gunnars Generasjonsbar, it was such a good breakfast. We had been craving a traditional breakfast and found it here…eggs, the most fresh bread ever and sweet potato tater tots. And oh the coffee in all of Scandinavia, it’s sooo strong and sooo dark and I’ve been missing it ever since! 

Enjoy some snowy photos, I will be rounding up our time in Finland and Denmark next…



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