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As you may have seen on instagram this past week, we’ve added a little member to the family! We’re completely obsessed with him and totally impressed with how smart and good tempered he has been. His breed is Dogo Argentino…Yes, they are really called that. Lots of blank stares follow when we say this out loud. lol.  He’s a purebred Argentinian mastiff. We must be crazy!  Don’t let that tiny puppy face fool you, he’s going to be one big dude when he grows up.  It’s been funny to hear people comment on what they think he is or they just assume he is either a Pitbull or an American Bulldog, we’ve also gotten dalmatian twice (all of which I love too).  I don’t remember how I first came across this breed.  It was kind of a joke at first because of how big they can get but then I became obsessed.  Everything I read about their personalities I loved. They are loving, protective, playful, incredibly smart, and loyal as heck.  For those interested you can read more about them here (or just google!) A friend of one of my best girlfriends from college (and the only person I know of having a Dogo) added me in a private group on Facebook filled with lots of other Dogo lovers and breeders.  I kept my eye out for months but no litters came up even remotely close to us.  As Hunter became more and more antsy to find a dog, I agreed to look a little harder 🙂  Finally! A breeder in North Carolina whose pups were ready for their forever homes.  I contacted them thinking no way since the post had been up for a week and these puppies can be a hot commodity, I kind of thought they would  all be spoken for since they were now 9 weeks old.  However, we were sent a few photos of the two males that were left and I knew this guy was THE ONE.  His markings and cute little face made me lol .  Hunter began more seriously talking with them throughout the week and just like that we had bought a puppy and he was going to FLY down to us.  Hilarious.  I’ve never really thought about how puppies are shipped so it kind of cracked me up to pick him up at the airport.  I felt bad about his long day but I promise he’s quickly become one of the most loved on and spoiled puppies there ever was.  We’ve been taking him everywhere with us so that he quickly gets socialized and learns to love people, kids, and animals of all types (since this breed is quite dominant and protective).  I could go on for hours about how sweet he is but I’ll quit being a crazy dog lady for now.  If you’re puppy obsessed, I made him an instagram so I can post photos of him daily without losing all of my followers on my business account, haha.  Although I’m sure you’ll see this face from time to time since he loves to pose and go to the studio with me!

We start his ‘obedience’ training next week but any tips in the meantime are welcome! Or resources for really cute / modern puppy stuff? Trying to blend this guys stuff in with our decor and find a nice looking crate / bed that doesn’t look like a giant cage sitting in the middle of my living room, ha.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


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