This isn’t just any baby shower. This baby shower was for one of my best childhood friends (hosted with our other best, long time gfs).  This last photo above, that’s us and sums us up perfectly. Always laughing about something, being silly, and cherishing our 19+ years of friendship. Friends turned sisters. It’s unbelievably exciting to celebrate such sweet occasions for the people you love.  I was happy to lend my talents in making this day beautiful and memorable for Heather. That Sarah Tucker,   she made everything happen and opened up her beautiful home for the day.  I painted the flamingo crest and printed it on canvas to welcome all the guests to the party,  a just for fun ‘photo booth’ that I hand painted on Sarah’s dining room floor one evening while planning last minute details.  We did a cheese table with calligraphy painted directly on it, some sweet treats and little sandwiches, infused water, pink champagne (of course). Sarah also secretly got baby photos that were placed about the house on white balloons.  We all laughed at the cute pictures and wondered who Ava will look like.  We are desperate to meet this little girl and it could be any time now with a due date of February 1st! 
Their maternity shoot on my photography blog today

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