Hello! Just popping in to share a few favorite snaps of some work in progress from this past week.  The above photo seemed to be a hit on instagram. I loved all the nice comments about me switching it up a bit (with my color palette). YES, I will offer this as a print as soon as I have a free moment to clean it up and get a test print made to make sure it looks great before I offer to y’all. I never, ever use orange and yellow. Not because I hate them, I’m just not drawn them I guess. I don’t wear these hues much / don’t like how they look on me so maybe that’s why? Anyways, I am challenging myself to introduce some new color combos into my life (all aspects of it) this year…
 I’ve also been really into old folk art lately and have been researching various European styles.  I’m not really trying to create an accurate depiction of it, but I like to feel inspired by different types of art and then just make it my own. Hence, the above and below photos. This stool has been around for years and I just randomly did this to it last week, ha.  I’m liking it so much that I am painting part of my spring collection in this style.  I can’t wait to share what I’m working as spring and the National Stationery Show get closer! 
A few snippets from my desk and deciding what to turn these guys into…
Finally, my painting area after a long week.  It’s not cute but it’s necessary to my productivity. I like being able to leave everything out as sometimes I need to go back and forth from here to my computer. Coffee, a million paints, tiny brushes… ya know, all the essentials for surviving around here. haha. 
Hope you all are having a lovely week. It’s raining today but Florida is finally experiencing our tiny spurt of winter. Not complaining about putting my favorite sweaters and boots to use that I never get to wear! 

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