Helloooo February! How did we just let January fly by like that?! It’s crazy. 
I am in full blown production mode for NSS 2016 and also tending to custom wedding suites for Spring.  Lots of pretty to share soon! 
I’m so excited to start offering a monthly desktop /iphone download. I’ve always loved this idea but had a hard time committing in the past. I paint lots of little extra florals for various projects and some never get used for anything, I thought I would start turning them into fun freebies when I have the time.  I vow to try my hardest to get them up a the first of every month! 
Hope you enjoy! 
The not so fun stuff: These designs are copyright of Shannon Kirsten Studio and are for personal use ONLY.  Not for re-sale. Please be respectful when downloading and sharing.

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