I wanted to share this special launch with you and talk a little more in detail about the process and ideas behind these. I have so much fun creating these one of a kind holiday originals. After years of success launching my hand painted pumpkins and ornaments, I wanted to offer something for the Easter season as well. My mom has always loved Easter and goes all out on her decor. I have added more Easter items the past few years and it’s now the best feeling to collect special things and make each season fun for Z. I’ve hung on to these wooden eggs for quite some time, waiting for the moment to feel inspired and honestly, to have a little more time to work on them than I did the past two years. Last year Z was turning one and still home with me or my mom most days. The year before that, he was born about 6 weeks before Easter! I really had no real plan for these, I just picked one up early January and started painting. I felt inspired by all of the best parts of Spring. I envisioned beautiful farm lands with spralling hills and blooming wildflowers + chickens (Z’s favorite right now), Easter bunnies in monochromatic hues, mother goose, daffodils (which happen to be the birth flower for March). And of course, just bright happy florals that I enjoy painting in any season.
I’m so happy to share this collection with you all. These will launch in my Etsy shop on Wednesday, February 28th at 10am est. They are all hand painted, glazed for protection and signed on the bottom. There are two sizes and varying prices from $50-$85.
I hope you love them as much as I have loved creating them!