I made this pressed flower wall hanging a few weeks ago and am so happy I saved some of our wedding florals! It was a pretty easy project and it makes me so happy to look at everyday! Of course the first step is actually making sure you save some flowers from an event. Then using wax paper, lay them flat between large books and stack even more heavy books. You want to keep them pressed for at least 3 weeks (mine was more like months, lol, but they still turned out perfectly!) I got 18×24 watercolor paper from our local art supply. Any size paper you want will work, if you use a standard size it’s typically easier/less expensive to frame. I started with elmers craft bond which worked well for some of the smaller / flatter florals on my first layer. For the thinner pieces I used tweezer to lay them out, as some are very delicate. For the larger ones I used this and layered the rest of them. Let it dry overnight and then it’s ready to frame!

Scroll down for some process photos and the final product!

Supply List:
-Previously pressed florals
Elmers craft bond stick
Clear liquid glue
-Thick art board or watercolor paper
-Picture frame