Happy Friday! 

I wanted to pop in and share some Spring updates around the bungalow. Redecorating and rearranging is my current hobby and creative outlet.  As a very visual person, a change of  scenery is so appealing to me and it keeps me fresh and inspired.  Since I am constantly creating for work it is nice to have something to do outside of painting that still requires creativity but with less pressure!  That is why I have been keeping up with a personal instagram the past few months, I love having an extra reason to pull out my nice camera and style some photos just for fun. Okay on to Spring decor…I am a pink / pastel person no matter the time of year so my heart really soars for Spring when the decor on store shelves is all light and flowery!  I have never decorated for Easter but these straw eggs felt bohemian and really spoke to me at Target last week (as Target does, lol).  I found the bunny and carrot garland at TJ Maxx and threw some tulips in my favorite Anthropologie vases of all time. Keeping it simple with just the mantle (oh wait, not pictured – a cute jar of colorful jelly beans that my husband keeps picking out the good colors from, haha). Scroll through for some more decor that involves mostly plants and my animals who really know how to live it up and relax… 

My rattan chair is usually in this corner but I switched them last week for a change (see below). I’m always playing around to get the chairs right in here. I read somewhere that two feet of each chair / couch should be on an area rug to make the space feel bigger.  I go back and forth but filling the corners just seems to work better for our little space.  What do you think about those ‘space saving’ type of ‘rules’?

(pet lounge part I)

Before the switch but all the plants stayed as is.  I love how crazy this guy has become!

I have a love/hate with our built-ins.  I mean I really love them more than hate but between this, the fireplace and the front door it pretty much keeps the living room facing one way only.  I enjoy changing them up though.  That’s the fun part.  I got these little fish prints in Copenhagen last month (more on our trip soon).  My Anthropologie frames are still empty (waiting on wedding pics!) but they come with the prettiest backgrounds for now. Everything else is thrifted 🙂

These tassel pillows are only $12.99 at H&M.  Blade has taken them over but for that price, I’m okay with it.  I feel like I can keep the couch looking somewhat cute with these and not worry about him slobbering on my more expensive Anthro pillows.  

Anthro table runner that I got for the sweetheart table at our wedding. I love it so much.  A farmers market haul every Saturday is a favorite Spring thing to do right now.

I updated our bar cart with some of our pretty new wedding gifts!  These stemless wine glasses are my favorite! They are from Anthro along with the copper pitcher (which is now on sale this weekend).

This is the jungle bathroom.  I keep telling people my plant secret is just putting them in here. I really like it’s the steam from the shower, they constantly get lightly misted and love it in here! 

This Ikea plant stand is the cutest.  

This guy was a wedding gift from my friend and fellow plant lady, Jodi. I have always wanted one of these.  It’s perfect for our large east facing windows and I like how much presence it has amongst the smaller plants

Again, they are just really good at lounging and living the good life.

I went all Konmari on my closet and I am enjoying having things so neat and tidy.  I just bought a bunch of cute sea grass baskets to hide the last bit of junk, more on this soon. This closet room has had quite an evolution over the years.

Last but not least, my girls basking in the sun.  Twiggy has claimed this Urban Outfitters floor pillow as her new bed.  She’s cute enough to get get away with whatever. 

Hope your weekend is a great one!


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