A few weeks ago we attended the National Stationery Show at the Javitz Center in NYC. These are some photos of our booth space and the new products we launched at the show! 

A gallery wall on one side with new cactus prints was an eye catcher…

The card wall! So many new ones

Some beautiful peonies from Whole Foods

New postcards highlighted in their own section

We used copper rods again for our gift wrap display, I just love how this looks and plan to carry it over to my studio

Notepads and gift tags on shelfs we made from crown molding

“Stationery is the best” buttons for everyone who stopped by the booth

Here I am with my millionth cup of coffee on the last day (and the peonies changed colors!)

A few scary iPhone photos of the before and during of our set up.  It’s so crazy how you get there and everything is in shambles for hours.  You feel like you’re not going to have enough time then suddenly, all in a days work, you have a beautiful booth!

Minted has a fun and beautifully decorated cocktail party one night after the show.  This years theme was ‘Minted meets Marfa” with all the cutest desert vibes!

Finally, we did a little bit of exploring, visiting favorite spots, and hanging out with some friends. 

This matcha and sesame seed yogurt with mochi from Taiyaki NYC was amazing




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