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below a few random instagrams: 
the apartment we rented / a delicious lunch with frozen tea and fresh fruit drinks / a flower shop with an underground bar / Frida portrait in the modern art museum
The last leg of our wonderful trip was spent stopping by the La Boca neighborhood and then spending most of the day walking around the San Telmo area.  It was a Friday the first time we went to San Telmo and there were several street vendors set up around the plaza.  We also ended up going to the modern art museum this day, an original Frida hangs there along with many other interesting art and sculptures. Saturday was our last day there, we had a late flight out that night so we went back to the market in the morning as we heard it was much larger.  It literally stretched for miles and in addition to handmade goods had many antique dealers.  So many unique things it had me wishing I saved more room in my suitcase!  The photos I searched of La Boca online looked so pretty, I was drawn to the colorful buildings.  It was super touristy and crowded so we didn’t end up staying too long but I’m glad we saw it and snapped some colorful photos.  The open air tango was fun to watch as well (and free, unlike the normal tango shows).  In san Telmo we came across the first Starbucks the entire trip, we weren’t actively seeking this as the coffee shops we tried were all so delicious, but no iced coffee drinks and we were sort of dying.  After walking for hours in sweaty 90 degree weather, finding a starbucks was a real treat. ha.  There were also tons of fun, quirky boutiques in San Telmo that we loved.
Exploring Buenos Aires was so much fun.  We really packed a lot in to our short time there and I’m so glad we did!

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