I had to take some updated head shots recently for an upcoming project.  I love these few “behind the scenes” photos my friend Jess snapped of me.  Getting your photo taken is pretty weird.  Well at least for me since I’m usually the one taking.  As I tried to get a “serious” head shot, we couldn’t stop laughing (mainly at my awkwardness and inability to smile without feeling cheesy lol).  So when given a prop, like my paints, things went a little smoother, haha! 
Anyways, I thought I would share as the paintings featured are a few new things I’m pretty excited about.  The colorful poppies (on the floor in the second photo) are now available as an 8 x 10 print here.  The feathers I have been working on this week and am really pleased with the outcome, you can see a better shot on my instagram.  
necklace: madewell / bracelet: bourbon & bowties / rings: misc, some from H&M

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