We only had about a total 24 hours to explore Ushuaia.  I loved the dreary, small town vibe of this seaside spot.  Ushuaia is the southern most city in the world, it’s claim to fave I suppose.  A quick four hour plane ride from Buenos Aires, it was drastically different weather wise.  Rained the whole time and was in the 40’s.  It is summer there, so things were very quiet.  From what we heard, it is quite a great ski destination in the winter.  Ushuaia is the city where most cruises to Antarctica leave from, so that’s why this was one of our stops and why we were only here for one night.  There are several fun things to do for just one day here; several little museums with history of the town, horseback riding in the mountains, and helicopter rides.  We found several cute cafes (with questionable internet but great coffee!) and enjoyed a couple local brews during our time there.  I was pleasantly surprised by the lupine, poppies, and orchards that grew wild there.  Plus all the fun, brightly colored buildings that grazed the bottom of a beautiful mountain scape.

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