As an adventure seeker, I admit that due to my constant daydreaming and wanderlust I often forget that I live in a vacation / paradise type of town…  One thing Hunter and I decided we would do more often this year is explore our town and the surrounding areas in Florida that we typically overlook (ya know, while planning for bigger, further away destinations).  I forgot how fun it can be to play tourist in your own town, bringing my camera along for no reason and taking it all in like a visitor.  If I’m being honest, the last maybe 10 times I was at the beach was for work (aka photoshoots).  Never simply to enjoy it just because.  Having friends in town helps with this too, some of the photos are from when my girlfriends visited last weekend.  The top priority was “make-your-own donuts” (Anna Maria Donuts) and a good view for cocktails after that.  The other photos were from the prior weekend when Hunter and I just randomly decided to spend our Saturday seaside.  We had lunch at the Tiki Hut, a favorite little joint for an indulgent seafood-filled lunch.  Grapefruit cocktails for me and the spiciest bloody mary possible for him.  Cheers to being inspired by what we have and observing the beauty that’s around us.  Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend! xox 
“I need the sea, it teaches me…”

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