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If you like fuzzy baby penguins, you may not want to skip this one! 

 Petermann Island made for a really wonderful morning in Antarctica.  Maybe my favorite of all the penguin sightings.  The babies were out and about unlike the smaller babies the previous day who were still hiding underneath their mothers.  Plus these guys were bigger and fluffier, which was impossibly cute.  You can see some of the gang kayaking in a couple photos.  We mostly just meandered in the snow, watching the penguins and hiking up to gaze at this beautiful view.  

Petermann Island is home to the southernmost gentoo penguin colony.  This island was discovered by a German whaling and sealing expedition.  It is one of the southerly stops the cruises make.  The island was named after a German geographer, August Petermann.  In addition to the gentoos, adelies and blue-eyed shags also nest here and snow algae grows abundantly. 

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