I did this project a while back but realized I never shared it! I wanted it to have a home here on the blog since we’ve started doing more mural projects this year. My friends Liz & Sam own Influence Style on St. Armands Circle. It’s a beautiful contemporary women’s wear store that they started almost 10 years ago. Last year they decided it was time for a remodel. Part of the new design was this watercolor washed mural as the backdrop for their impressive selection of denim. This was the first time I’ve ever done something like this but thankfully they trust me 🙂 Scaffolding was involved. So was free handing. Scary right?! There was no way to really sketch or plan due to the nature of watercolor combined with the scale of the project. We were all pleasantly surprised and love how it turned out though! I experimented with a small section before going all in. I mixed a few shades of pink and white and lightly rolled one area (the girls like the unevenness along the top so I used a long roller to create the ‘stripes’). Using a spray bottle, I immediately spritzed water over the paint and rubbed it in a circular motion with a towel to create the ‘washed out’ look. It dries quickly so you have to act fast and wash it out as you go (otherwise when you go back and try to spray water on it it will peel). It’s such a fun accent wall and the black and white fashion photo brings it all together!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

(I did a few like doodles on all of the mirrors too!)