We spent four days in Punta Cana this past week and it was pretty amazing.  We were in Puerto Rico first for a friends wedding then hopped on over to the Dominican. I’m blogging out of order mainly because I have wayyy more photos from PR and I was able to get these edited while on the plane.  These are a mix of iPhone, go pro, and mark iii photos…it rained a lot so I used the go pro more which was fun to play around with rainy beach videos.  We stayed at Punta Cana Princess, an all inclusive resort and spa.  I was curious about all inclusive since we had not stayed anywhere like that before.  I’m not sure the all inclusive experience is for me but I’m glad we tried it and it definitely made the trip easy and relaxing. Most of my travels are geared towards sights and adventures so this was a change of pace. It rained the majority of the time we were there so it was kind of nice to not have to navigate and just sit under tiki huts relaxing.  None of the excursions we planned to do went through because the rain was that bad.  A little disappointing but again just nice to have a few slow days that we normally wouldn’t have had! It definitely came at a good time as we frantically prepare for the stationery show in two weeks.  


Colorful Dress from Asos // Quay Sunglasses from Influence // Luggage from Away 

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