In collaboration with Famous Footwear and their #stepforward campaign I am sharing a bit of my journey today…

Around this time six years ago I quit my corporate job and never looked back.  This was the biggest Step Forward I’ve ever made.  I was fresh out of school, working very long hours, underpaid, and completely unhappy.  I’ve always known I wanted to do something creative, I went to art school and the only jobs I’ve ever had were working in design / fashion. I just didn’t know quite how to branch out on my own until I found myself in a place where it was absolutely necessary for my well being.  So there I was, jobless with an Etsy shop and no real plan.  I started a blog with Sarah at Starbucks one afternoon.  We laughed about it and joked about what we were doing with our lives.  My blog was nothing for a long time but it gave me the outlet I needed to share, create, and challenge myself to think outside of the box and come up with ideas.  I began painting more, taking on custom projects and sharing them all on the blog and in my etsy shop.  I got a few works published on big wedding blogs and started seeing more inquiries coming in.  As I worked harder to be unique and grow my offerings I saw even more sales and work coming in.  This was the most confidence building thing, to see people enjoying what I was creating! To be able to share my work and let it serve as inspiration to others continues to give me confidence in my craft and pushes me to #stepforward into new challenges and bigger ideas.  I chose these Adidas to use as my canvas for creating my #stepforward moment. 

 Famous Footwears #stepforward campaign is inspiring and empowering women to find confidence.  While Famous Footwear so kindly sponsored this post, this is a message I am 100% behind! You will never see me promoting something I do not truly love so I thank you for supporting the partners who help support my little blog. 


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