Last month was the winter show of NY NOW at the Javitz center in New York. These are a few photos of our booth set up…it was the first time we built our own walls and had it all shipped in a big wooden crate (that Hunter also built). Kind of crazy to see the before (below photo) and after and how it all comes together so quickly, aka about 24 hours to build out a beautiful ‘mini store’.   The few iPhone photos below are how scary and chaotic it looks during the day of set up, it feels like it’s never going to come together.  Especially since there are always hiccups but somehow everyone pulls through and the entire Javitz center feels so magical and energetic on the opening day.  We saved a lot of money doing everything ourselves this year and now we are storing it all in NYC. So when we go back for the stationery show in May the storage company will bring it to the Javitz for a much smaller fee than shipping that beast from Florida.  Last year we rented walls, flooring, and furniture which made our first trade show very easy and stress free. The downside is you leave it all there and it’s about double the cost of doing it yourself.  This year we got wood from Home Depot, Hunter built the walls in four foot panels so no matter our booth size (12×10 or 8×10) we could make the same walls work for either show.  I bought foam tiles for the floor and ikea furniture this year that also got shipped in the crate with our walls. Trade show life is craziness and stressful but I get so excited for the shows, you really get to see all your hard work pay off! 


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