BEST OF 2016

Happy, happy new year! I seriously can’t believe it’s 2017! Before we officially kick off the new year, here’s a look at some of the highlights we’ve had in 2016, both professionally and personally…

My first four piece collection for Hallmark came out in January for Valentine’s day! It was so fun to go to our local Hallmark store and find my cards there. My friends and family were sending photos from all over the US as they found them.  Then I had an everyday collection coming out with six different designs that were sold at publix, cvs, walgreen, etc…

In March we moved into our very first studio! It’s been so amazing to have a space outside of the house (which we would have outgrown this year anyways!)

In the next months I vigorously painted and created my first full collection of stationery. In May we showed at the National Stationery Show for the first time. The show was amazing and since then we’ve picked up a handful of retailers (25 new stores!) We’re currently gearing up for NY NOW in February and back to NSS in May.

We had a home tour on school of styling and since decided to remodel our kitchen (coming soon) 

In August we were selected as one of 35 finalists for Etsy Wholesales Open Call. We went to New York for the event to pitch my line to several major retailers. We were one of 10 winners and now have cards sold at Macy’s in NYC!

One of my favorite wedding suites was featured on Harpers Bazaar!

We added a family member in September, Blade our sweet little puppy. He’s now 6 months old and has his own instagram @bladethedogo lol. We’re obsessed.

In October we took a trip to the Grand Canyon for the first time. My friend got married in phoenix and Hunter and I celebrated 5 years while we were there.  While I didn’t leave the country this year, seeing Arizona was so amazing, Washington DC with Cami, two trips to NYC, and our bi-annual road trip to my grandparents in South Carolina.

A card came out in Trader Joes! 

Another collection released for Hallmark in December! 

Last but not least; we had cards, gift wrap, and gift tags in Nordstroms pop-in shop for the holidays! Eight stores and online. Cami and I got to visit one in DC and my sisters snapped some photos for me at the store in San Francisco! 

When you’re working so hard and have a lot of deadlines sometimes it’s hard to stop and celebrate each victory, but when you look back on a year and see how much you can accomplish it’s really quite incredible. I tend to ‘keep my head in the game’ and ask okay now whats next?  Looking back though on all of these memories, just wow! I’m so thankful for each day that I get to continue doing what I love, have people support me and enjoy the work I create. It’s beyond fulfilling! Words cannot describe.  I am so looking forward to 2017, some special projects in the works, and what surprises might come my way.  Thank you so much for following along on this journey! 

The best is yet to come. 


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