Snaps of some projects; client work, shooting my first ever wholesale catalog, and miscellaneous painting for NSS.  Also, the last few photos I took of my home office before I started to pack up everything to move into my new studio space.  It’s taken awhile to finish but I can’t wait to get in there! And also to share the crazy before and after photos.  So much has been going on lately with the growing of this business, I’ve been wanting to update more but time gets away from me as I have been painting as much as possible to finish up my line for NSS.  Once I make this move into my new studio and finish up my catalog I will have lots of exciting things to share! 
I am doing a pop-up shop with my friends Camilyn Beth and Influence Style to benefit Selah Freedom this evening. Local friends (Bradenton/Sarasota) please stop by! 
Happy Weekend! 

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