October is flying by already and I can already feel the hustle and bustle of fall start to creep in. Florida has been kind to us and we had a little breeze this week, it’s so exciting. I can’t wait to wear boots!
  The above photos are a few new things added to the shop lately.  My skull print is one of my favorites, originally created for Halloween a few years back.  I like to try and decorate for holidays but I don’t always appreciate the colors associated with said holiday so I mostly stick to my muted scheme and make it work – hence the pastel skull and white pumpkins! The vegetable print got added to the shop and I think it’s going to be adorable paired with the already existing fruits and/or herbs.  Finally, a few new cards and I am trying to get my Christmas greetings wrapped up here soon! Visit my Etsy here to shop these items.
We head to New York this weekend for work and play.  I’m just excited Hunter was able to get off work and come with me for once.  So we booked an extra night to make sure we see all of our favorite NYC humans and of course do a little sightseeing / exploring. 
Also, American Horror Story starts tonight with Lady Gaga. I’m dying. Anyone else a big fan?  I have a few friends who are fan girls like me so it’s always fun to text on commercials and be like what just happened? haha. 
Hope you all are having a lovely week! 

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