I wasn’t sure what we would be in for when we signed up for a “glacier hike” at Europe’s largest glacial mass.  It proved to be not so strenuous and provided an incredible view of the glacier (as you are literally walking across it with crampons and ice axes, yep).  This was unlike any glacier I’ve ever seen. The black color on the ice is volcanic ash… the contrast in these colors, the jagged mounds of ice, and deep crevices make this scene feel completely otherworldly.  If you ever saw interstellar, the second planet they visit in the movie when the ship blows up…yeah, that was all filmed here (makes sense, right?).  We opted for a two hours hike with a guide, there were only about 7 people in the group which was nice.  We could have totally done the 4 hour which takes you further into the glacier, but we just didn’t know what to expect when we signed up.  In the winter you can also tour ice caves here which would have been amazing!  If you have a couple hours it is surely worth fitting in.  We did this after visiting Vik, it was only about an hour or so drive from the beach.  We found an adorable guesthouse to stay in this night in Hofn, about another hour from the glacier.
More on Iceland soon. XO 

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