photo by Michelle March
photo by Jose Villa
 photo by Best Photography
 Photo by Michelle March


It’s my little shops birthday today! I thought I would share a few significant photos to celebrate, especially my wedding suites that have been so beautifully photographed over the years.  I owe so much to the talented people (other photographers, planners, cake artists, florists) who first got me involved in styled shoots.  When I started out I was mainly doing custom wedding work. Being published on wedding blogs brought so much exposure and new clients to my little baby shop.  I can’t believe how it has grown since beginning this journey. Before I go all nostalgic rambles on you,  I am offering 20% off today ONLY.  I rarely do coupon codes but this is a special day!  The code will be valid today only and can be used for prints, cards, and notepads (sorry, custom orders and wedding suites do not apply). Enter BDAY20 at checkout to receive the discount.
Now, if anyone wants to hear a back story on the shop / beginnings of my illustration career then read on…
I opened my shop when I was still in art school in 2009.  My mom’s friend told her about Etsy, that’s how I originally found out it existed. As I hopeful, budding designer I immediately created my own account. I believe it was called “SKCdesigns” back then. haha. Let me back track by saying that in school I was majoring in fashion design.  It’s a funny thing because what I took to immediately was fashion illustration and the production side of things (fashion shows, photoshoots, styling).  Upon taking my first textile design class I truly fell in love.  While learning Adobe Illustrator for the first time was beyond frustrating and time consuming, there was something so special about creating patterns that would be turned into fabric that would be turned into beautiful garments… We all know I love wearing/creating a good floral print, so you see how this all starts to tie together.  Pattern making (CAD, ugh) and sewing were unfortunately not my strongest suits in school, however I enjoyed making bathing suits and thought this might be calling, so I did what any hopeful would do and slapped those babies on Etsy along with a few fashion illustrations (insert a million laughing/crying emojis here).  I didn’t think much of the shop then. Social media wasn’t big yet (no instagram and for awhile I just refused twitter and Facebook because I thought it was weird, lol). So I didn’t really have a means or know how to get much exposure (not that my bathing suit collection needed any).  As school came to an end and “real life” was upon me, I knew art/fashion was my calling but I hadn’t quite pin pointed it yet.  I took a job freelancing for a major department store doing some textile designing right after graduation.  Again confirming that I loved this side of fashion and I also LOVED doing this from home, as I only had to present designs in their office every two weeks. After that I accepted a design position at smaller apparel company.  Fast forward through eight months of misery.  I knew that I was not meant to be artistically confined to a box in a cubicle while commuting and working weekends.  My mental health, social life, and creativity were suffering bad. With the support of my family (and many promises to them about how hard I planned to work) I quit that job and never looked back. I began vigorously researching and painting…planning and painting, painting, and researching some more. I started my blog (all hideous content at first, obviously) got a Facebook business page and just began posting random artwork and photography.  Jumping ahead, I helped a few friends with wedding stuff and took the time to create some suites to add to my etsy shop.  A few cards here and there. But mostly I just practiced and played with different mediums.  I doodled, sketched, lettered, and tried everything under the sun to find my voice.  Slowly but surely, through much trial and error and a few big fails, I found it. Then after that, people started noticing.  I did a couple styled shoots that got published and more brides started to find my shop. I got asked to do more styled shoots, thus sending even more brides to my shop! I felt inspired again and began painting whatever I wanted on the side.  Slowly some prints crept into the shop, I practiced with lettering quotes that inspired me, really anything that inspired me I painted. This is still true today although I’ve learned to curate and learned much more about branding in the past couple years so not everything I doodle makes the cut anymore.

My original intent was never to “start a business”,  it was just to do what I love and be my free spirited self, while hopefully inspiring others through art and photography. I was literally livin’ on a prayer and my dream for awhile. Over the past few years I’ve learned so much about business, patience, and dedication, all of which have helped me to turn this into my full time career. Etsy has been an amazing platform to connect me with all types of people, clients, and even press. All good things definitely take time.

“Jump. And you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall”

Thank you for stopping by and reading this today. Your support and kind words about my work here and on instagram always mean so much to me! Enjoy the coupon code and remember, it just lasts until midnight tonight!


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