Happy Friday y’all!  This has been a week filled with wedding projects and wrapping up some ‘day of’ decor for my fall brides.  I’ve also started on holiday items, I’m quite excited about them.  Even though I’m technically behind in stationery world, this is the most ahead I’ve been since adding greeting cards to my collection last year. It feels weird to even think of Christmas right now! It has certainly pushed my creative limits lately since I was so far from being in holiday mode.  A challenge is always welcomed though.  Stay tuned for some exciting news and more Iceland photos after the weekend! 
As usual, some favorites: 
*Fashion buyers picks for Fall via The Coveteur – swoooning!
*Frida Kahlo at the NY Botanical Gardens, looks so pretty! I’m hoping to make it when I’m there in October.
*These are looking like the perfect black flats for fall
*This picture, because… [heart eye emoji]
*Lace Free People dress, so beautiful and comes in four colors. The green would be a perfect holiday party dress
*This Valentino floral print is beyond gorgeous, one can dream…
*Free Peoples boudoir lookbook shot by Harper Smith, dreamy  

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