I really had to work up to these Iceland posts, there is just so much amazingness, so many photos, so many things to say about this amazing country.  After spending the weekend in New York we had a late (10:30pm) flight to Keflavik (the airport is about 40 minutes from central Reykjavik).  It was a short and relaxing 5 hour flight (New York was nice to break up the trip for my sister who was coming from San Francisco).  We arrived at 8:00am (4 hour time difference from the East Coast) and checked into Rey Apartments (photo above).  It was just the cutest little apartment and walking distance from the main road in Reykjavik.  Plus surrounded by several coffee shops and other restaurants.  We left our days in Reykjavik open and didn’t plan any sightseeing or tours. We used our time there to stroll around, go shopping, and of course try some of the amazing coffee that was recommended to us.  These are mostly photos from wandering around the first day.  We also spent our last day here which we again just shopped around and ate good food… 
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We discovered this cemetery across town so we stopped by here on our way out of Reykjavik on the second day.  It was beautiful and the area surrounding seemed very residential.  The most adorable houses ever. 
Below are some of my iPhone snaps…

(above) We had an amazing breakfast at Tiu dropar.  Everything was so fresh and homemade.  I had a bagel that came with homemade raspberry jam and brie cheese. Seriously delicious.  Most of the bread at restaurants seemed freshly baked.  The plain old regular coffee was amazing everywhere as well. 
(above) Cute streets and back alleys with happy colors everywhere while shopping.
(above) More fun buildings and paintings // Reykjavik Cathedral (you can climb to the top for excellent views and photos of the city)
(above) First two photos from Taco Barrin, delicious fish tacos and homemade salsa with baked chips // Sushi Samba our first night in Reykjavik // Gelato from Eldor (I think it was called) they also had crepes and several gluten free dessert options
Not pictured that we also enjoyed for coffee was C is for Cookie and Reykjavik Roasters, both were highly recommended and in our Fodors book 🙂

(above) Scenes from a few of the adorable stores.  I seriously want to buy everything in every single store.  Concept Store was among my favorite (the top photos).  The vibe and decor was moody and beautiful.  So many amazing treats! 
A few more photos from walking around the city.  I love that “cats of Reykjavik” is a thing, they were literally everywhere and so friendly just like the humans. haha. 
Reykjavik was surprisingly sunny and warm our second day there.  I guess we got lucky.  We were down to just a long sleeve and jeans as we wondered around in the afternoon.  It doesn’t seem like there are a ton of those “must see” touristy things in Reykjavik so we were totally happy with no plans and more time to just shop, eat, and hang out. I’m convinced there is no bad coffee whatever so ever there.  I seriously loooooved Reykjavik.  I can’t wait to go back, I actually didn’t want to leave at all! 
I am excited to continue sharing more of our trip.  I plan to do a complete round up at the end with more logistics and our itinerary day by day for anyone interested.  Thanks for adventuring with me today.   XO 

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