After being out of town for awhile and many days of seemingly endless rain I’ve felt a little cooped up.  Complete with a desk full of half finished sketches.  I’ve needed a little inspiration, in the form of changing things around… cleaning up, sprucing up, and rearranging.  I don’t know about you but moving things around my house and studio every once in awhile makes me happy and gives me a fresh perspective when beginning new projects.  And as I arranged, I looked to my favorite random objects and little vignettes to inspire me.  I especially love this window in our kitchen.  The rain has been falling on it perfectly.  The plants are overgrowing. The tiny glass jars typically contain clippings, wildflowers, or herbs that Hunter brings home to me.  This week it was rosemary, my favorite. Once again proving that inspiration is literally all around us.  Sometimes we just need to be more present to notice.  
Hope you all are feeling inspired and having a lovely week.  My travel photos are almost ready to be shared! 

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