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What an incredible day exploring Buenos Aires.  Since we were only there for several days we really tried to pack a lot of sites into our schedule.  This time, we stayed in the Recoleta at an amazing apartment called the Poetry House.  It was adorable and so comfortable after having traveled for weeks. The employees were accommodating and gave us lots of suggestions of things to do.  There were several great restaurants on the same street and we were able to walk to the Recoleta Cemetery.  Not to mention a delicious gelato counter.  I would highly recommend this neighborhood and the Poetry house.
The Recoleta Cemetery was amazing to see.  We wondered the blocks in awe of the huge mausoleums, finally crossing the path of Eva Peron’s grave.   Some of them you could look inside and see secret stair wells and doors.  So erie and intriguing.  Later that day we signed up for the Graffitimundo street art tour, also amazing.  I really enjoyed listening to our guide talk about the history, politics, and financial state and how it all ties in with the street art in Buenos Aires.  The tour was a few hours and ended at the Graffitimundo gallery attached to a cool little bar.  After walking in the sun most of the day, ice cold beers were the ticket.

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