After going through all of my photos from Antarctica, I have to say I think this was my favorite area.  The ice formations, icebergs, and mountains were totally insane. The grey skies made for a lack of horizon when you gazed out across the water, really making it feel like we had reached the end of the world.  I’ll never be able to describe it and these pictures will never do this place justice.  Since I simply couldn’t pick favorites, I posted a million more on my photography.  Hop over to see the full post from this day : here
During our cruise around Pleneau Island, we were pleasantly surprised to find a playful leopard seal.  He considered the idea of coming into the water from his iceberg napping spot for several minutes.  We watched in awe as he stared back at us, poked his head under the water, and stared at us some more.  After several minutes he slithered in the water and began canoodling with our little boat; swimming under it and around, back down, popping his head up right next to someone…  The water was crystal clear and we could watch his every move.  The animals of the Antarctic and truly amazing creatures.  To see animals in their own, pristine environment is an honor.  There sadly are not many places like this left.
“Otherworldly” is best word I can find to sum up this continent, it really is it’s own special little planet.

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