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Finally back with another leg of our Antarctic journey.  The beginning of this post (all the icy water photos) are of Neko Harbor.  This is considered a “continent landing” located deep in Andvord Bay.  Neko Harbor takes it’s name from a Norwegian whaling ship which operated in the area between 1911 and 1924.  Neko harbor was filled with plenty of icebergs.  The water was so calm making for beautiful mountain reflections.  Nearby glaciers often calve in the distance making for wild thunder-like sounds.  Again, there was no shortage of penguins and we spotted some wendell and leopard seals sleeping on icebergs.
Visiting the base at Pork Lockroy made this stop a little different from the others.  Port Lockroy was discovered by a Belgian explorer in 1899 but not named until 1904. It was a former British base turned museum and now a popular tourist stop on Antarctic voyages.  Until about 1931 it was a major harbor for whalers.  Today, four people live and man the station during season (about four months).  They have preserved the tiny rooms, run a gift shop, and “officially” stamp your passport there. Crazy awesome.

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