Happy Monday friends. I’m excited to share another little piece of my Antarctica adventure today.  If you would like to see more photos and read about this day of our trip. Click “read more” below for the full post! 

The second stop on our Antarctic voyage was Wilhelmina Bay.  To explain the experience of the expeditions a bit; what we liked about this part was their organization in our expeditions… since there is no place to dock and get off on your own, the small zodiacs (small rubber boats in some of the photos) were the only transportation to land from where the ship was anchored.  Half of the group would spend time just cruising around in those and seeing the other side of the islands that we couldn’t walk around on.  Then half way through our outing we would switch, the zodiacs would drop passengers off at the landing site and those who had been walking / hiking would get on the zodiacs to jet around the bay.  The zodiacs were only about 8-10 passenger boats so this was a nice way to see everything and get lots of photos.  You’ll see the difference in my pictures, that sometimes we were out on the water and other were taken from the shore or top of the mountain!  This day when we were cruising, we had our first whale sighting.  The tail in my pictures is a humpback whale.  Crazy and beautiful to be so close.  Apparently Wilhelmina Bay is known for a large population of humpbacks. When we got on land (last of the photos) there was an option to hike and that little building was an Argentine base.  
There are a few sunny photos from this stop but mostly fades to grey.  The highlight was definitely the whales this day.  We watched them dive from that tiny boat, really seeing only a sliver of what magnitude was underneath.  Amazing creatures in the Antarctic I tell ya. 
Again, I shared a few more photos on my photography blog, it’s a little quicker and easier to add a lot over there.  So hop on over if you want to see more, here

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