I get really excited about wrapping presents around the holidays.  I like to take the time to make each package look pretty and incorporate some natural elements.  I guess my color choice could be more exciting, but I like to keep it simple.  I got my wrapping paper from paper source, they have an assortment of colors which is perfect for decorating / DIYing yourself.  All my fun ribbons (that I’m clearly obsessed with) come from various Etsy shops.  Finally, I just cut some pine sprigs from the back of the tree for toppers.   Below is a couple photos from my wrapping post last year.  Still natural elements, still loving plain paper.  I used rosemary and a variety of ribbon scraps last year.  
I’m all about presentation, it’s nice to put extra love and thought into something, when you take time to hand make, hand letter, etc your gift recipients will appreciate. And remember to have fun with it! 

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