My girl friends and I decided to celebrate a little “Friendsgiving” recently.  Hosted by Camilyn Beth, we got dressed up in her festive party dresses and headed downtown Sarasota to one of our favorite spots.  Artisan Cheese Company was kind enough to have us and let me snap these photos of my friends being silly and enjoying all kinds of delicious cheeses and treats.  This idea of “friendsgiving” is just so great.  Time with friends is super important to me.  Sometimes with the craziness of the holidays, traveling, visiting family, etc you just don’t get enough gf time in.  So why not make a date to have your own (stress free) Thanksgiving a weekend or two before!  Best idea ever.  We laughed, talked business,  ate, and drank wine until the sun went down.  I’m so thankful for these buddies of mine! 
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. xox 
Photos: Shannon Kirsten // Wardrobe: Camilyn Beth // Location: Artisan Cheese Company – Sarasota, Florida 

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