A few work and life snippets from October.  Such a good month, always… 
 WORK:  I slowed down on custom for hot minute to work on some illustrations and products I’ve really been wanting to create for my shop. I can’t wait to receive samples back from my printer and have them available in the coming weeks.  I’ve been working on some Christmas items as well, more on those very soon!  The second photo is from a photo shoot for a colloboration that we’ll be announcing later in the week. I updated my shop with a handful of new greeting cards, listed some past holiday favorites, and new suites from the summer that are now available for customization.  Check out the new listings here!

 HOME:  We decorated for fall just a tiny bit with the cutest heirloom pumpkins from Trader Joes.  I hung some of my vintage paintings in the dining room, they’ve been needing a home for awhile.  Twiggy has enjoyed laying on the table and basking in the sun from our back windows.  We enjoyed pumpkin everything, including these bagels from Trader Joes.  Lastly, I began painting and reforming my walk-in closet, I’m probably a little too excited about this room of the house.  I decided on a very dark accent wall (the rest white of course). Before and after photos to come! 
LIFE:  The weather was finally cool this weekend! We were beyond excited to sit outside and enjoy a chilly ocean breeze.  We actually caught a sunset this month.  Even though a few trips to the beach and to Ringling (the rose photo) were for photo shoots, it’s still such lovely scenery to enjoy while working. Lastly, Hunter and I celebrated three years on Halloween.  Life is good.  I’m getting so stoked for the holidays, even though this will be my last chill week and weekend at home, I’m looking forward to all that these next two months have in store.  
Happy November (& Monday!) my friends… xox 

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