I’m a little late on welcoming September this week (with open arms might I add).  I had a great summer that flew by so fast.  I’ve been so busy working on client and personal projects over the past couple months.  Above are some of my recent favorites!  I have a couple exciting collabs in the works and am working on some products for the holidays!  I know this fall is going to bring great things (and lots of pumpkin spice).  I’m looking forward to cooler temperatures but first taking this month to get organized before the craziness hits.  I always feel like once October comes it just flies by, as there is always so much to do over the holidays.  Trying to make my days last as long as possible and savor each month. I’ve been a little quite over here lately, but I always post some sneak peeks on Instagram (@shannonkirsten) in case you’re interested in keeping up!  

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