My mom and I went crazy at Ikea the other day.  It was long over due.  I go in phases of being really into getting my office space in shape, then the busyness of work / life takes over and I go back to being unorganized.  Things have been especially busy this spring, so with growth comes change.  I decided it’s time to start thinking of practical (yet still pretty and inspiring) ways to keep everything is order.  What better place to start getting some staples than Ikea… I just appreciate the many color and size options and how items still look sleek without breaking the bank.  Among other things I got the other day, this lamp was a little extra find that I intend to use for sketching.  I’m crazy obsessed with it, but it’s little brass details and black and white patterned cord are irresistible! And perfectly inline with the style of my studio.  The floor lamp version of this was quite tempting as well (maybe for the living room).  More updates soon xo
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