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As I’ve been fine tuning my brand (s) lately, I started a private board on Pinterest, just for me, to organize my inspirations and thoughts.  I have been extremely selective in pinning things that really speak to me, things that have a mood to suit me, and only colors I want to use in my design and packaging.  This is one reason I truly love Pinterest, it’s been so helpful to refer to while designing and choosing colors, etc.  I am a completely visual person (go figure) so I can’t even tell you how great this resource is to me.  
Sometimes we don’t really know why images speak to us…but I think that’s fine as long as they are making us feel something. And that’s what has happened (to me) so far.  I’m proud of myself for being patient and thoughtful about this process (cue New Year’s resolutions).  I am excited for all of the new things I have to offer in the coming months (design and photography wise).  I hope you’ll continue to follow along and always feel free to share comments and suggestions.  
Happy weekend!  xx 

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