Happy New Year friends! 
I am a few days late on officially starting my new year due to traveling and today I am so happy to be back at my desk, creating and diving right in.  I am not one to really set “resolutions”.  However, I have been thinking about my hopes and dreams for 2014 and all that I want to accomplish.  There is so much I want to do this year and so many exciting things already in the works.  I’m feeling really blessed.  It is a little overwhelming to sit down and make a list of goals, so I have been trying to take my time thinking long and hard about the future of my business and also personal things I would like to change / accomplish.  One major thing (that you may have noticed already taking shape) is updating my branding for my illustration AND photography.  It is so hard to design for yourself right? I can’t even say how many variations of my name I’ve painted in the past few months.  I’m finally so pleased with the way it is all coming together! I still have things to update but it’s all coming right along. 
I began creating a new portfolio site as well.  Etsy is my favorite way to sell but I’ve been wanting a place to display past / custom work and explain a bit of my process.  I’m hoping the blog will be a place for sharing things like that more often as well.  Check out all my recent updates (for illustration / design work) in the links below: 
Cheers to 2014, the best is yet to come.

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