I eat a salad almost every night for or with my dinner.  I came across another zucchini salad recipe and thought I would try my own take on it.  It’s kind of nice to switch it up sometimes, while still keeping with healthy vegetables.  Plus this is vegan and gluten free!  
2 zucchinis 
cherry tomatos (cut in half, used almost the whole crate)
pumpkin seeds (1/4 cup)
sliced almonds (1/4 cup)
fresh basil 
artichoke hearts (small jar)
for the “dressing” I squeezed half a lemon, half a lime, a little olive oil, and sprinkled with garlic and pepper.  
(I added some sea salt and feta cheese to Hunters) 
 It was delicious!  The two zucchinis made about 4-5 servings, so alter it as you please. 

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