Some snaps of July via my instagram and vsco cam:
– coffee, calligraphy, coffee, calligraphy…repeat. 
– making a few new purchases for the house, thrifted treasures and these side tables from Urban Outfitters! Finally got two matching tables that I love, big things. 
– Catching up with Cami, exploring and street styling of course. 
– Favorite summer treats; spinach berry salads, refreshers from Starbucks, and bubble ice cream
@shannonkirsten )
Anyone else crazy that it is July 31st? How is this happening?! 
This year is flying by, but at least it has been an exciting one.  I’m so looking forward to what the fall will hold for work, life, travels, and visiting friends, etc.  Oh, and cooler weather…it’s been scorching lately!

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